A Five-Hour One Item Scavenger Hunt

I just spent five hours looking for my hearing aids. I have a house that’s a disaster, a couch that’s been ripped to shreds, and my sanity is just barely intact. But I found them.

I couldn’t find my hearing aids this afternoon. I looked in the usual places, and I swore up and down that they were on the couch! So I’m convinced they have to be IN the couch, because my memory says the hearing aids were ON the couch the last time I saw them. So I’m digging around in between the cushions, and my husband is in the background, “Did you check your purse?, Did you look on the little table?, What about the car?” I mean, I looked everywhere, including the freezer, washing machine, and dryer. I looked in the bathrooms, kitchen and his office. But I swore the last time I saw it was on the couch. So it HAD to be on or in the couch.

So finally I was like, “Can we rip the couch apart?” And so we did. And after several hours of this, my husband was like, “are you sure you looked everywhere, because I’m not feeling anything!”

I swear. I looked everywhere. But I swear they were on the couch. So then he tried a different tactic. “What did you do this morning on the couch?”

“I sat, ate food, and moved my library books.” He looks at me, and he asks, “Where are they now?”
“Oh, they’re in that bag, but I already looked like twice!”

JUST LOOK AGAIN. Okay, okay, so I look and what do you know, a pair of hearing aids.

They must have gotten caught in the book sleeves when I moved the books to start looking for them. I am a ditzy idiot. But I am glad I found them, even if I only have a small ounce of sanity left after that. Oh, and a ripped up couch.

Well, I was partially right. The books WERE on the couch… *nervous giggle* Right?!

One thought on “A Five-Hour One Item Scavenger Hunt

  • July 26, 2013 at 3:37 am

    Thank God hearing aids are covered under homeowner’s insurance! Just make sure you know where your receipt is. 😉


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