Are Our Smartphones Making Us Fat?

Do you bury yourself in your phone every free second you get? It could be stealing time away from more active pursuits. Research suggests that our favorite go-everywhere gadget isn’t, in fact, making us more mobile; it’s making us more sedentary. Cell phones give us instant access to just about every diversion we could want: We can text friends, take photos, browse the Web, play games and linger on Twitter and Facebook. So perhaps it’s no surprise that those of us who use our phones the most tend to get the least exercise and be the least physically fit, according to a study in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. If you feel like your phone time is usurping precious hours from your life, try powering down for at least an hour each day. Use that time to meet up with friends, go for a walk or bike ride, visit a museum or explore a new part of town. And when you work out, leave your phone at home. Researchers found that some people couldn’t resist answering their phones during sweat sessions, thus pulling them away from their fitness time.

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