Day One: The Vegetarian Diet

I know. I KNOW. A vegetarian diet, who wants to live without eating meat?! Well, we do. Because we want to live. We’re cleansing our bodies by eating only the most natural foods. Nothing processed, no animals. Eventually, we will remove dairy from our diet as well. I had my no-no list with me, but I confused one of the things on the list to mean one thing and not the other. Hey, it’s hard to find all natural ingredients.

It’s amazing how much even the most “healthy” foods are processed. It was hard to find versions that weren’t processed, at least the ones that had containers. Most vegetables and fruits weren’t a problem, I got organic (make sure it’s certified organic!), but things like yogurt, cheese, even water!

I messed up on the cheese. It ends up that the list says no to all cheeses, but I took it to mean either/or. You’ll see when I post the list in a minute.

Anyway, today is day one, and we’ll be doing this for a month and see what happens. The idea is that our bodies will function better, have less pain, less inflammation, and we’ll lose weight particularly in the belly and thigh areas. I’ll post about it everyday!


-Whole milk (in most cases) -Processed oriental teas
-All carbonated drinks
-White flour products
-Soy bread
-Any cheese that is pasteurized, aged less than 6 months or colored
-Ice cream (unless home made)
-All pastries, puddings, sauces, custards, junket.
-All canned juices and juices with artificial color and sweetening
-All skin fish, shell fish, shrimp, lobster, turtle, frogs, eel, snake, lizard, etc.
-No pork in any form: ham, sausage, bacon, chops, jowls, etc.
-No processed lunch meats, hot dogs, dried or smoked snack meats, etc.
-No black tea
-Roasted and salted nuts and peanuts
-Unroasted nuts that are rancid
-Limit Irish potato intake . No potato chips, French fries, hush puppies, tater tots, etc. — White rice or white rice products – Spices: black pepper, paprika, white pepper (salt needs special consideration)
-Canned, frozen, creamed soups -All candies using white or brown sugar -Chocolate – White sugar -Brown sugar Sugar syrups -Pasteurized honey
-All canned vegetables
-Meat tenderizers
-Waxed fruit or vegetables – Salads sprayed to preserve freshness
-Dried fruits with sulfur dioxide added
-No duck, goose,’coon, ‘possum, muskrat, bear, rabbit, squirrel
-No seedless fruits or vegetables

Some of those are specific to us, like the seedless fruits and vegetables. If you have low testosterone or are looking to naturally boost your testosterone you want to follow this seeded rule of thumb. Think of the seeds as the “seed” your body needs. I know, it’s weird sounding but it’s logical. So seeds in fruits and vegetables are supposed to help that.

We also are drinking a LOT of green juices to help balance our body’s pH, and mineral water (not carbonated) to get trace minerals and no chemical additives. The green drinks we’re drinking are BarleyLife and LeafGreens, and we’re drinking Evian water from France. We’re also taking a natural supplement that helps balance our blood sugar, metabolize carbs and fats, and keep cravings away. It’s called GlucoChrom. We double the dosage. If you have any questions on our new pH-balancing vegetarian diet, or the added nutritionals we’re using don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Don’t ask me about the lizard or possum and all that. That was not us. That was added on by the health guru. Yeesh.

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