Famous Anti-Smoking Star Terrie Hall Dies

Terrie Hall claimed that the first time she smoked a cigarette was at the age of 13, while camping with her teen friends in North Carolina. However, it wasn’t until she was a 17-year old cheerleader at Forbush High School in East Bend, North Carolina, that she started smoking semi-regularly. Hall said she wanted to fit in with her friends, and be close to her father, who was also a smoker.

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Shortly thereafter, she became addicted, and within a year she would smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. Soon she was up to two packs per day.

Terrie Hall was a survivor of ten cancer diagnoses, underwent 48 radiation treatments, and nearly a year’s worth of chemotherapy, before and after undergoing a Laryngectomy in 2001. She was well known for starring in a controversial and effective ad, part of the CDC’s stop smoking campaign. Hall also traveled across America to educate youth and adults about the consequences of tobacco use.

The Terrie Hall Video

If you want to quit smoking, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit SmokeFree.gov for more information on several free programs.

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