FDA Issues Warnings About Fake Cancer Treatments

The FDA recently sent public letters to 14 US-based companies ordering them to stop selling fake cancer treatments. With online advertising claims that these simple herbs and vitamins could prevent, diagnose, or cure various types of cancers, the companies are putting people at risk, and committing health care fraud.

Pushing Fake Cancer Treatments By Using Fear

Cancers are some of the most frightening medical diagnoses people can receive. There is a significant difference between selling products that help people live healthy lives, and selling fraudulent treatments for cancers.

By encouraging desperate and frightened people to turn away from medical science, these companies are keeping people from well-proven cures. Treatment protocols develop only after years of research.

Real science, the kind that in the Western world is used to evaluate new medical treatments, is a detailed and precise science that takes into account variables of human condition, behavior, and environment that impact health. Results are checked and cross checked. Scientists across the country attempt to duplicate results.

It is the goal of medical science to find answers and treatments that not only work, but work in ways we can understand. This way, the science behind them can be shared with other people and other conditions.

The Gap Between Testimonials and Clinical Studies

The fraudulent companies cited by the FDA are selling fake cancer treatments like Vitamin C and clover leaves. They assure victims their products work with claims of anecdotal evidence. In reality, anecdotal evidence is akin to when a person gives a product endorsement, or says, “this is what happened to me when I took the clover leaves.”

This is not science. A single person report is an interesting anomaly that needs further research.

But reading about the miracles of snake-oil can turn the desperate and hopeful away from medical science and treatments that actually offer hope.

“C” for Complicated

Cancer is not one disease. Cancer in a single organ system is not just one type of cancer. There are several types of lung cancers, or cancers of the blood, for example.

The cause, type, and stage of cancer matters for treatment. While we would all like to believe that one simple vitamin or herb could magically produce results that cure the most dangerous and deadly of human diseases, the cautious and thoughtful consumer knows that desperation and hope make all of us liable to believe something we know in our hearts could not possibly be true.

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