I lost ten pounds in one month! :-)

The subtitle of this post could be Ups and Downs.

Hello! Back again! I have some awesome news, guys! Someone very special and, dare I say, ravishingly beautiful lost SEVEN POUNDS!! That makes TEN in one month! I officially lost 8oz more than my daughter weighed at birth(she was a big one, I know)! Ten pounds is a big deal for me. It should be a big deal for anyone struggling to lose weight. So, I am officially 307. ONLY EIGHT POUNDS! Oh, the feeling I will get to be under 300 lbs again. I say again because my highest weight was 324lbs and got down to 295. However, life, love, stress and setbacks affected my weight and here I am again. No place to go but DOWN.

I am lucky, though. I think I may have mentioned before that my doctor had put me on a medication called Phentermine. I’m also lucky that my insurance covers it because my BMI is so high. Actually, I don’t know if that’s really lucky. Hmmm… You get what I mean! Anyways, as a self-professed emotional/bored eater, the Phentermine is working amazingly. It cuts down my appetite significantly and stops me from snacking. It’s kind of been a miracle medication for me. I highly suggest it. You will more likely than not have to go in every month to have your blood pressure checked because it’s been known to spike it but a monthly doctor visit is a small price to pay for the results!

My last submission saw me in a slightly darker hue. Today is a better day. I ate fairly balanced today though I skipped lunch again. I need to stop doing that! I’ve just run out of lunch options for food at home. Good thing Monday is grocery shopping day.

Has anyone else noticed that grocery shopping is a dramatically different experience when you’re shopping to LOSE weight? I have a little trick, I spring for a big bottle of water and every single time I pass something I want to get but isn’t cohesive to my goals, I take a nice long drink of water and walk past. It doesn’t seem like it would work or really have a rhyme or reason but you know what they say: whatever works! Well, here’s to another ten pounds this coming month, maybe even twelve!

I would rather carry the weight of a strict diet on my shoulders than the weight of no diet on my body!

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