Injury can’t even stop my determination

Hey, how is everyone? It’s been nearly a week since my last submission, sorry. My daughter keeps me pretty busy and can sometimes be sort of a computer hog! I’m exhausted now, even as I type this.

How am I doing? I’m hanging in there. My diet is going well though I’ve been slacking on my food journaling. I really need to keep that up because, even though I’m eating well, I need to still be accountable. I did slip a few times, my daughter and I made cookies for Valentine’s Day so I had a few of those but I don’t really get down on myself too harshly for that. I was enjoying a treat with my child and she would have been pretty upset if I hadn’t had some, that’s just the way she is. She loves to share and will, at times, get sad if you refuse. No one wants to see an unhappy child so I sacrificed the however-so-many calories and ate some cookies with my Valentine! I’ve also started eating the Fiber One bars. The oats and chocolate one is actually good. My doctor suggested them as a way to get more fiber in my diet and prevent sugar spikes. So far, I’m not complaining.

Speaking of blood sugar: I wonder, did anyone else’s doctor tell them they didn’t have to take their blood sugars at all? Mine did and, at a recent visit to the urgent care department(nothing serious, bruised tailbone) I was looked at like I was crazy when I told her I didn’t have to test.

The trip to the urgent care department was terrible by the way. My pain was pretty bad and I couldn’t sit or lie or stand for very long without being in bad, bad pain. So, I get back into a room and the Physician’s Assistant comes in and informs me that she’s going to do an x-ray to make sure I didn’t break anything. Then the nurse comes in and gives me an IBUprofen. Now, seeing as how my mother is a nurse, I’d been on a strict IBU and tylenol regime since the incident occurred — the incident being me going boom down some icy stairs). It wasn’t working to control my pain. So I get the x-ray done and it was excruciating. I had to lie flat on a steel table then on my side, all positions which were particularly painful. The results came back that, thank God, I hadn’t fractured/broken anything.

I complained of worse pain after the x-ray to which they responded with a Tramadol. Okay. So we gave it a bit to take effect and still nothing because Tramadol is just beefed up IBUprofen, IMO. Then suddenly, someone appears with discharge papers and my brother(/guardian angel) intervened and told them that I shouldn’t be released because my pain was not controlled, I wasn’t comfortable. That’s when they started treating me like a drug addict! They automatically assumed I wanted a prescription for Vicodin or Percocet. My brother advocated for me through this whole thing because I was just in too much pain. He told them that was not what we were looking for, we were looking for something to make me comfortable and it didn’t matter the name of the pill. They recognized I needed medication before I left and also medication for breakthrough pain until the real healing started to yield results, but they just weren’t willing to help. I was especially worried about days when I really couldn’t take it(like today). That’s what I wanted pain relief for. Why else did I come to urgent care? My doctor couldn’t get me in so quickly and told me to go to the emergency room or urgent care for pain control and diagnostics!

So at this point the hospital staff vehemently refused to do anything at all and demanded politely(if that’s possible) that I sign their papers identifying that I had received quality care. Ha? We went through what had to be four nurses(after we’d asked for the PA’s SUPERIOR) before we got someone in who knew what they were talking about and had authority to make managerial decisions. Eventually, my pain was controlled and I was able to walk out of there but the road to get there was ridiculous. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

So now, my bruised tailbone is all healed up from what I can tell and everything is good. Man, this has just been a crazy week for me! Like I said, sorry it took me so long to get another post up. Life happens, you know?

Diet-wise(gosh I’m all over the place right now), I’m going to try to cut back on cereal these next couple weeks. Cereal really does me in! I bought the Fiber One 80 Cal. Chocolate cereal and it’s tolerable. A little rough on the taste buds  but tolerable so maybe that’ll help wean me! I’m not sure when I’ll be getting weighed again next but when I do, I’ll let you all know if I’ve made any progress! I’d weight myself here but the scale is old and it only goes up to 300 lbs. That makes me feel good. Hopefully soon that won’t matter, though, and I’ll be able to use it!! Til next time!

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