Life is Short – Live Every Moment

We always talk about how you should start today, whether it be exercise, a lifestyle change, whatever. But we also say that tomorrow is a new day.

As my husband learned today, there may not be a tomorrow. We are sitting around waiting for news about a member of his family, the harsh realities of death hit us like a ton of bricks. If you died today, did you accomplish all you wanted to? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t finish, but did you start that journey? Did you attempt to make your dreams reality? It’s moments like these where you realize what’s important isn’t the material things, but who’s around you.

If an old friend calls you up to go out for coffee, but you haven’t done your exercise that day, don’t think twice. Go see your friend. Your grandma calls just to chat but it runs longer than you planned? Don’t stress over it. Cherish these moments. Your health is important, because you need to take time for yourself, but living your life and being with family and friends are just as important if not more. For some of you, maybe family isn’t the most important. That’s fine, everyone has a different idea of what’s important to them.

So you find what is important to you and cherish every moment of it. Lets keep it legal though. Is there something on your list you’ve always wanted to try? Do it. Find a way to make it work.

Sitting here, I’m going down my list wondering what I should try next. Sky diving? Did I read that book yet? Obviously, we can’t do everything. But we sure as hell can try and live an exciting life.

So I leave you with this – are you happy with your life right now? If not, change it. Maybe it’s not a big thing, but no matter how minor it is, you should live the life you want to live.

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