Live Blog: Prince Death Questions Answered

April 29, 2016
Law Enforcement Investigate OD Angle - Artist Formerly Known as Prince Symbol

Sadly, reports are making it sound like there’s a real chance Prince overdosed, and that caused his death, not the flu or any other more complicated circumstance. Law enforcement sources have stated an investigation is, at least, under way. Local, state and federal authorities obtained a warrant to search his home and his plane.

They are also investigating the emergency landing his plane made in Illinois, less than an hour away from touching down at home a few days prior. Some are claiming a “save shot” was used. It had first been suggested that the emergency landing was for a flare in severe flu symptoms. Investigators are interested to know if there was a doctor traveling with Prince at the time of the emergency landing. Prince’s doctors are facing media scrutiny over possible over-prescribing. A raid was conducted on the Walgreens Pharmacy, where Prince was last spotted pacing the parking lot, as his staff reportedly filled his prescription(s) for narcotics.

We will keep updating as news rolls in.

April 23rd, 2016 - Memorial Outside Prince Home in Paisley Park

Prince’s publicist said his remains were cremated, and a few hours ago, a small group of family and friends held a ceremony to honor his life. The “final storage” of Prince’s remains will not be released and there will obviously not be a funeral, but a “musical celebration” is reportedly forthcoming.


April 22nd, 2016 - Prince Death Initial Press Conference

A press conference Friday, held in a room where one reporter said the air was so thick from other journalists’ breathing, left those journalists and the internet with more questions than answers.

Authorities confirmed three members of Prince’s staff found him slumped in an elevator at his estate, and first responders pronounced him dead at the scene. Fueling new conspiracy theories, no signs of trauma or suicide were apparent. An autopsy was concluded Friday, but test results could take weeks.

Officials report no medical calls regarding Prince were made within the past year. Reiterating the sudden death investigation was only 29 hours old, the local sheriff indicated investigators processed the scene and were interviewing those close to Prince, as well as requesting medical records. He refused to say whether anything was removed from the home during its search. “There are so many rumors,” Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said, when asked to put some of those rumors to rest. “I don’t know if I can.”


The most information we can find about Prince’s early death will be live blogged here, in its proper context.

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