MyFitnessPal App Review

I’ve tried a lot of online food diaries and phone apps. I can never seem to stick to one and keep it updated. A lot of them are about getting online points to get things, and I don’t want to be focused on that. I just want to focus on my progress. So one of my friends recommended MyFitnessPal. One of our other bloggers uses it, too.

There is a desktop component, but the best part about MyFitnessPal is the app. I can have it on my Android phone (also available for iPhones!), and it’s with me all the time. I can scan foods to get the calorie and fat count, and I can look up exercises that give me the best workout. It’s also motivating, because they email you if you haven’t logged on in a while. You can connect with your friends and leave status updates. It’s like a Facebook for fitness.

I also love the app because it does the math for you. So if you only have a certain amount of calories in a day, but you work out, they do the math to increase your calorie intake. It doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat the extra calories, it just means that you’re allowed because you worked hard.

MyFitnessPal App Screenshot - Chris Byrnes, LLC

Check it out! It’s a great tool, and it doesn’t have any fancy whistles or balloons. It’s just an app to help you on your journey.

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