My Progress

I’ve been taking serious care of my body these last two months and the progress, while slow, is noticeable. I’ve lost 14 pounds, so in the way of shape, nothing’s really changed, but in the way of endurance and what I can do… man, I can rock out a workout without dying from lack of oxygen! I was keeping track of my calories, but I found myself slipping back into my old habits of anorexic eating. So I decided to focus more on the part where I just eat healthy and workout.

The stress of watching my calories is gone. As long as my foods are good and nutritious, I am not going to worry about how many calories it is. I’m hoping that with this stress gone, it’ll be easier to keep going. I’m going to start changing up my workout, too. It’s getting boring. I was doing 70 minutes on the bike every day, but I want to add some weights and a few crunches to start toning my body. So I am going to change it to 35 minutes on the bike or some kind of cardio workout, and then 30 minutes with weights, crunches, push-ups, and stretches. I still have about 30ish pounds to go, so I have to be patient.

That’s the other thing. As a recovering anorexic, I have to remind myself that it takes TIME to lose the weight. That it’s a hard road, and it’s long. I keep forgetting, and I get down on myself about not losing weight faster, and I have to be reminded by my supportive husband that it’s not going to happen like that, and that he loves me no matter what shape I am, as long as I’m HEALTHY. I am back within my normal BMI range, so I’m not considered overweight anymore, however, because of my height, I should lose more weight, especially the weight I have around my waist since that’s the danger zone for heart disease. Plus it’s also the sexy zone for bikini season. Woohoo!

Today was finally the first warm day of the spring/summer season here in Wisconsin. I wore my brand new flip-flops I bought myself as a treat to working so hard. I thought the first warm day would never come. Now I’m excited to bring my workout outdoors! Mainly roller-skating and biking, since I can’t run. It’s not that I can’t, it’s that it’s very, very difficult. I have tiny lungs for my body, and with the force of running, my lungs can’t take it. So I have to find other ways of cardio that isn’t so hard on my body. Which is fine by me, because I don’t like the idea of running without something or someone chasing me.

I just wanted to update all of you on my progress. I’m feeling great, and I am also feeling much more confident. I know that even though I can’t really see the changes in the mirror, I can feel the changes, and it makes me want to keep going, because eventually, I will see what I feel. 🙂

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