Road Trip Health Tips

Road trips can be hard on your body. Depending on how far you travel, you have different time zones, different ecosystems, and of course the mentally draining driving part. However, the food aspect of the road trip doesn’t have to be bad for you. We’re on a road trip right now, and I have a few tips for you guys!

First, before you leave, buy a pack of water. Keep it in the backseat, or take a few bottles out and put the rest in the trunk. If you can, also buy healthy snacks ahead of time. If you have a cooler, pack fruits and veggies.

However, food runs out while you’re on the road, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it can get pretty desolate out there except for the occasional gas station. This may be your only option for miles. But, it’s okay! There are foods you can eat from a gas station!

If it’s a fully stocked gas station, look for their deli. They might have turkey sandwiches, salads, fruit cups or vegetable platter. These tend to be around the bigger cities and towns, so if you end up at a gas station that’s only one aisle long in a very remote area, don’t fret. Try to find snacks that have simple ingredients. If you can’t skip the fat and calories, at least make sure you’re putting actual food in your body and not manmade chemicals. For example, we were just at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and their selection of food was horrible. So I went hunting and looked at the ingredients on all the bags of chips and nuts (like I said, sometimes you have to make do with what you have), and saw that Fritos and Lays were pretty simple ingredients. They’re not the best food, no, but natural ingredients is the most important here, not the fat and calories.

Eating out on the road can be pretty easy too. Most restaurants have salad options or appetizer dishes. If you order a salad, I would just ask for the dressing on the side. If there are croutons, ask them to take them out. Most restaurants nowadays understand people are on strict diets, and are willing to accommodate their customers.

So to recap, be sure to buy water, healthier snacks ahead of time. If you end up needing to stop, look for simple ingredients if no deli option is available. And restaurants, well, they do cater to you.


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