Shakeology: Small Price Increase, BIG Opportunity!


When we launched the Healthiest Meal of the Day four years ago, we priced it just right—so it was a good value your customers, yet profitable for you (our Coaches!). The $119.95 price tag was based on extensive analysis of market conditions sourcing and logistics forecasts, and a whole bunch of other variables our accountants like to talk about.
And for all these years, we never budged. Not when the costs of gas and shipping skyrocketed. Not when the costs of whey and other key ingredients kept creeping upward. Definitely not when outside analysts and others told us we were crazy. Maybe we are, but we did everything we could to keep prices the same and continue to provide FREE shipping on your Home Direct (HD) orders.

Unfortunately, this is one battle we can’t fight forever. We were forced to make a tough decision: Lose the FREE shipping guarantee and potentially move to cheaper ingredients OR raise the price of Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry by a mere $10/month (33 cents/day)? Considering we’ll never sacrifice the integrity of our ingredients, the choice was clear.

Effective April 1, 2013, the new price of Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry Shakeology will be $129.95.

Lock in the Original Price on HD by April 1st
Here’s the good news: You and your customers can easily lock in the original price ($119.95) for life! Simply get on Chocolate, Greenberry, or Chocolate/Greenberry alternating HD before April 1st, and as long as you never cancel your HD subscription, you’ll maintain the original price.

Challenge Pack prices will NOT be affected by the increase.

Home Direct is Where It’s At
If you’re on Home Direct, you’ll also continue to get FREE shipping—every month (which means if you’re locked in to the original price, you’ll save $10 and get FREE shipping every month. That’s a $22 savings per month!). However, there will be a slight shipping & handling increase on non-HD orders.

Effective March 4, 2013, our shipping & handling rate will increase from 8.25% to 9.25%—which means the minimum will increase from $5.95 to $6.95. Again, this pertains to non-HD orders ONLY!

March is “Shakeology Opportunity Month”
With the price increase looming, there’s never been a better time to get your customers and prospects locked in on Shakeology HD. And more new HD orders means more Success Club points, Team Beachbody Cup points, and Cruise Dollars.

Here’s how you can make it happen:

—Leverage the urgency. After April 1st, the $119.95 price will be gone forever. By waiting or continuing to buy a la carte, customers will end up spending $22 more per month ($10 on price increase + $12 for shipping). That’s over $250 more per year! Create. Urgency. Learn how to best seize this opportunity before April 1st

—Drive the message home. Let your customers know: “This is your chance to lock in the original Chocolate/Greenberry Shakeology price, get healthier than you’ve ever been, and save $22/month—for life.”

—Conquer price objections. If you haven’t seen our new Shakeology value video with Tony Horton, watch it here. Then share the version in the Coach Online Office Video Library (under News > Announcements) to drive traffic (and sales) through your Coach Web site. This baby handles price objections like nothing else. Learn how to share and talk about the video with your contacts.

—Reach out to your current HD customers. Share the news as a courtesy and encourage them to commit to a flavor before April 1st—so they’re not affected by the price increase. You’ll have an eCard to send current HD customers later this week. Stay tuned to Breaking Coach News.

—Follow up with your one-time customers. Many of you have customers who’ve tried Shakeology before, but never got on HD. Follow up and repeat steps 1 and 2. You’ll have an eCard to send one-time customers later this week. Stay tuned to Breaking Coach News.

—Connect with new customers and prospects. Use Facebook, Twitter, email, and even phone to get the message out. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3. This is a golden opportunity to connect people with Shakeology HD—either stand-alone or through a Challenge Pack! You’ll have an eCard to send new customers/prospects later this week. Stay tuned to Breaking Coach News.

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