Sick Day Times Anxiety Squared

I don’t know why, but being sick makes me anxious. I wonder if it’s the feeling like I need to throw up, but I can’t tell if I actually do or not, and then suddenly I do, and I have less than 5 seconds to make it to the bathroom. It’s unnerving. Plus the act itself, it’s so unnatural and feel awful!

I am drinking water. Slowly, but I am, I know that’s a very important thing when you’re sick. I don’t want to get dehydrated. Mostly because I don’t want to move from this spot. I finally found a position that makes me feel okay and not like I need to keep running to the bathroom every 5 seconds.

I really want to play keyboard right now, and I will, but like I said, don’t want to move.

It’s definitely a movie day for me. Water, and maybe popsicles. We’ll see what I can handle.

Maybe I’ll read a book. I haven’t really had time to read a book. I need to go through the NY Bestseller list, and add them to my Goodreads account so I can check them out at the library. Nothing like a good book that feels like you’re losing a best friend when you’re finished reading it. Those are rare. But awesome.

But I’ll probably end up laying on the couch half-asleep trying to keep stuff down. Speaking of which, I’m crawling back to bed.

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