Staph Infections of the Ear & Finger, But Not the Heart

So, I’ve been slacking the last two days on here, my fault. But I was feeling like poop. I had a skin rash on my left hand middle finger, and my left ear was killing me too.

I’ve had the skin rash for about two months now, and it got progressively worse even with anti-fungal creams, neosporin, etc. That’s when I decided to see the doctor.

Ends up the rash on my finger is not a rash but a staph infection. And I have an ear infection. I’m taking antibiotics now, and I was told to take probiotics with it because it’s a stronger antibiotic that’ll wreak havoc on your stomach. Yipee. So good thing I have probiotics on hand!

The doctor was originally going to give me two different antibiotics because the one for the staph infection only covers one of three causes of ear infections (the one being staph), but she gave me just the one, and my ear feels better so that means that too was a staph infection. Yikes.

Why Staph Is So Scary For Me

I have a heart condition so anything with the word staph in it makes doctors flip out because it could spread and cause endocarditis. I usually don’t flip out easily because the odds are so slim, but damn if the idea of having TWO staph infections in my body didn’t scare me. They are both on the left side of my body.

It’s a misconception that the left side is closer to the heart, when in fact it’s the same distance as the right side of the body. It’s just a myth perpetuated by the ring finger concept—the left ring finger is a direct line to your heart. Your heart is actually more towards the center of your body, with the left ventricle poking out more than the right.

So I’m currently under the weather and have been sleeping more than usual to get as much rest as possible to heal faster.

Fun fact: Staph is short for Staphylococcus, a Greek word staphyle (meaning “bunch of grapes”) and kokkos (meaning “berry”). Under a microscope, staph looks like round little berries or a bunch of grapes.

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