The Cause of the Month

So we’re complete doofuses, we had no idea May was Healthy Vision Month. And May ended yesterday. Cue facepalm. This is a great site to get information on healthy eyes, and what you should do to keep them healthy.

But it seems like each month has 100 causes to it, and only the ones that garner all the attention are the ones we know off the top of our head.

Can we just make it easier on everybody and have each month be “Get Healthy, Stay Healthy” month, and each person can get as specific as they need to? I mean Breast Cancer Awareness is October, but I see 5Ks and Walks for awareness in April and June. Can’t we just do it like that? Most people tend to go with the cause that means something to them, because either they or a loved one has been effected by it. Affected. I can never remember which is the noun and which is the verb. And I’m supposed to be a rock star in English grammar. But I digress.

Does assigning a month really raise more awareness? I think the activities do more to raise awareness than assigning a month to it. I’ve been in AIDs walks, Walk for a Cure, and Fight to Climb, all to raise money and awareness for their respective causes. Most of the time, they did not occur in the month the cause was given.

I understand there are rare diseases and conditions with very little awareness and funding for research. But instead of giving those just one month of awareness, we should be raising awareness for them every month of the year. Holding fundraisers, writing letters to our congresspersons to send more funding to research, educating people along the way. By assigning a month to it, it may get lost under the “big” cause that has pretty much claimed the month for itself.

But I’m just rambling. What are your thoughts on this, if you have any at all?

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