The Overwhelming Life

I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I have a lot of things going on. As to that particular situation, it doesn’t seem to be resolving on its own, and further action may be required.

This sends me into the stress zone, and then I remember I still haven’t cleaned the house, put away clothes, I haven’t made a proper meal in a long time, and I haven’t given my husband the attention he deserves for putting up with me. I need to exercise, but something always comes up.

It feels like the plate isn’t big enough, and I feel like that Shel Silverstein poem “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout” where she wouldn’t take the garbage out. It piles higher and higher.

I make to-do lists, I have apps that remind me of things I need to do, and it just falls apart.

And if this situation doesn’t resolve itself (the one in the last post), that’ll be MORE stress and more on my plate. It makes me tired.

I should try to paint more often. Just drop everything and paint. Center myself. Then get back to the things I have to do.

Anyone else feel like this sometimes?

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