The Proof Is In The Use!

AIM Members Speak Up About Cellsparc 360 & GinkgoSense!

Lowered Cholesterol:

I took 5 AIM Cellsparc 360 a day. In 3 months my overall cholesterol went down 50 points, triglycerides went down 88 points and LDL went down 33 points. All in 3 months. -Gail Hartley in TX



I have a heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopthy. My last  cardiac echo, the technician told me my obstruction has disappeared. I  feel Cellsparc 360 is responsible. –Patricia Swineamer in Nova Scotia, Canada


Better Circulation with GinkgoSense:

I have poor blood circulation in my fingers and feet. They get very cold very quickly. Sometimes tips of my fingers would get blue and numb just by  going into my chest freezer looking for something to take out for dinner! I started using GinkgoSense and within one month, I noticed my fingers were not as cold, even in the summer on a cool rainy day. When winter came I did not need my gloves as often since my fingers did not get cold. -Janet Breitkreutz in Alberta, Canada

Time For A Personal Decision!

The benefits that are listed in the research and related in the personal testimonies are very powerful. If you would like to obtain these great benefits for your personal health and fitness then it is suggested you include AIM’s CellSparc 360 and AIM’s GingoSense in your daily nutritional program. Contact us to begin.

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