Traveling with Alopecia Areata Day 1

Today is my first day traveling with alopecia areata. We got up at four a.m. so we could be at the airport in time to check in, go through security, and settle in to relax before we had to board at 7 a.m. It is going to be a long day.

We have a four-hour layover in Missouri, and won’t be in Alabama until about 3 p.m. Flights from Milwaukee to Alabama are few and far in between, and there’s only that one route. But we don’t mind too much. I have a book, and my husband has work.

However, in this layover airport, it’s set up so that all the restaurants and food are outside of security, so we’ll need to go through that ‘take everything off’ routine again, but we have four hours.

Losing Hair in an Airport 🙁

Can we talk about me worrying the TSA was going to make me take off my chemo cap? How embarrassing and damaging would that have been? Thankfully it wasn’t a problem, even with having a full head of hair on my ID.

Well, my scalp had been itching and burning all morning, and I’m thinking, oh, no, more hair is going to fall out when I take off this cap. If you have been following my blog, you know for some reason this time my alopecia areata only affected the left side of my head, which led to my awesome haircut. My eyebrows came next, which had never happened before.

So after eating some expensive Starbucks food and having a green tea frappe (YUM), I went into the bathroom stall. I took off my cap and it was filled with clumps of hair from the right side of my head. The other side is falling out. It is just a small patch, but I have a lot of fine hair, so it seemed like a lot inside the cap.

Stopping This Now.

We were able to reach my dermatologist and ask him if he’d prescribe an increased dosage of my oral Prednisone, to hopefully stop this from spreading and ruining my entire trip. He agreed with that idea and called it in. I don’t have any false hope, though. This probably is not going to be the last of this alopecia areata flare’s casualties. All I can do is take my medication, treat my scalp with the Minoxidil, resist scratching and rubbing, follow the new eyebrow tutorial I just learned, and keep my spirits high.

This will be a fun vacation. I won’t let a disorder I cannot control ruin it.

Traveling with Alopecia Areata Photos - Traveling with Alopecia Areata Day 1 - Traveling with Alopecia Areata Day 1

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