DHE 45 Treatment for My Migraine is Next Week!

I’m so excited. I’m getting the DHE 45 infusions starting Monday. I can’t wait to be free of this migraine. The caveat? I have to be at the hospital for five days doing 8 hour-long DHE IV infusions. Yikes. But it’ll be worth it in the end.

I’m hoping it’ll still work. I feel bad for my other neurologist. We got a second opinion you know? She’s still my husband’s neurologist. He did talk to her, and she said it was fine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad. I’m too sensitive sometimes. I am probably over-analyzing it.

I can’t wait for this migraine to go away so I can get my social life back. I think my friends don’t believe me, and I feel really awful, but again, I don’t think they believe me. If it was one day maybe. But a two month migraine? I think they might think I’m making it up. But I’m not, it’s horrible.

Sigh. Only two days until treatment starts. Fingers crossed.

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