TV Binge Weekend

I spent my weekend watching two seasons of Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows. I was not very mobile this weekend, and I hate it. But the medicine is making me feel heavy, clouded, and it takes too much work to push through it. But the migraine hasn’t gone away. I’m between a rock and a hard place.

We’re looking at headache specialists and/or clinics or other doctors who specialize in migraines. The neurologist I have right now is really good, but I think she’s reached her limit of what she can do for me in terms of this migraine. She specializes in mobility neurological disorders, and migraines aren’t that. We’re also writing up a “cleared” letter for my cardiologist to sign for potential treatments. Because of my heart condition, some doctors won’t go near me with any kind of treatment, so we’re hoping this letter might help.

Maybe it’ll even make my neurologist see that I’m okay, and the cardiologist is okay with the DHE treatment that DID work, she’ll do the infusions again. I hope so. I’m hitting a wall over and over every day.

Once I get the migraine broken, I’m hoping to get off the other pills I don’t need to be on (at least I don’t believe I do). I think this will help a lot too with my ‘wall’ and ‘cloudiness’ that I’ve been having to deal with lately. Also, I think the pills are contributing to the weight gain, and I want to lose all this weight. Just ‘shake it off’ right?

I start school in a month. Not a whole lot of time before I dive into nursing school!

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