Week Three Transformation

It’s now week three of our new lifestyle, and we feel awesome. There are no cravings for junk food anymore. So we are still a few months off from calling it a complete success, because it takes 90 days to really adhere to a new lifestyle.

We added AIM GlucoChrom to our supplement intake, and this helps with appetite and feeling full. We double the dosage for each of us because the single dosage wasn’t doing anything for us. It may work for you, so start out with just a single dose as directed on the label, and then go from there based on how you feel. The way it works is basically making sure your blood sugar levels are always stable, they don’t spike or dip low so you don’t have hunger pangs, crash or get jittery. And of course it’s all natural using minerals and herbs the way traditionals used them for hundreds of years. If you have a question on using this let us know. It’s also great for those with diabetes or who think they might have diabetes (also referred to as pre-diabetic).

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