What I Do For My Skin’s Keratosis Pilaris

Skin health is just as important as your body health. There’s all kinds of problems people encounter when it comes to their skin. Dry skin, patchy skin, acne, various forms of eczema, and what I have: Keratosis Pilaris. You may have heard this condition referred to as ‘chicken skin’.

Keratosis Pilaris - Chris Byrnes, LLC
Keratosis Pilaris
Acne - Chris Byrnes, LLC

So I understand being self conscious about your skin. I was, too, up until college when I found the trick to keep it under control, and best of all, this can be used for ANY skin condition you may have. Plus it works on acne, too!

These Keratosis Pilaris Tricks Help Acne, Too

If you have a condition like psoriasis, you are itchy as all get out. And this interferes with your every day life. Acne can be just as bad for some people. It can cover their whole face or their back or chest. Some of them can hurt, and many people have to resist the temptation to pop them because there’s a relief, and the misconception that it would go away faster.

One of the things I hated doing was taking a shower, because it always seemed to make my skin worse. It’d feel really tight and be really visible. Like, “Why do you have goosebumps?” visible. It gets old after a while trying to explain my skin condition. Explaining any skin condition gets old, because people think it’s contagious when it’s not. But there’s no explaining that away for some folks. You start making up excuses to explain it away, “Oh, I’m just cold,” or “Yeah, I’m just really dry today,” or “I forgot to put my lotion on today.” Well, no more!Skin - Chris Byrnes, LLC

I have discovered the single most wonderful invention ever to grace our hands: the Buf-Puf. I only wish I was told about this product sooner. It would have saved me so much grief. I use this along with Cetaphil Skin Restoring Body Wash, and then finish with AmLactin lotion. I use the buf-puf all over my body to provide a very minor exfoliation, with the Cetaphil Wash.

It felt weird at first, because I’d been told that exfoliating is a bad idea for sensitive skin conditions like Keratosis Pilaris. But it’s actually very gentle and gets rid of the dead skin on top. My face has never been so smooth, because I had really dry skin, no matter what lotion I used. The acne went away on my face. The bumps are not as noticeable, and when I run my fingers over my arm, it feels smooth and soft.

I finish with the AmLactin lotion, and I can even use it on my face. It’s not overly greasy and it spreads easily. You really don’t need a lot at one time, so a bottle can last for a few months, even with daily use.

Because of this, showers are now enjoyable for me. My skin doesn’t yell at me afterwards, and it’s never looked better. If you have issues with your skin and feel like you’re just ready to give up on it, don’t. Even a skin condition like psoriasis can be manageable. While you still might need a prescription to clear up the bad cases of acne or psoriasis, daily care of your skin with steps like this can help prevent the bad episodes so they are fewer and the severity isn’t as bad.

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