What kind of life is this?

If it ends up the diagnosis is still PNES, how does one live their everyday life? Hold down a job? Have kids?

The episodes come out of nowhere seemingly. I could be doing anything, and suddenly I’m on the floor or something. At least Epilepsy there are medications to help treat and keep it under control.

What can a PNES sufferer do except not stress?

And tell me, who the hell can live through life without stress? There are triggers everywhere, job, money, family, financial stability, bills, health, etc.

Is it as hopeless as it sounds?

One thought on “What kind of life is this?

  • September 3, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Yeah… I am getting tired of doctors and other people telling me “Don’t stress!” Or the lovely thing of “Why do you have so much stress, you’re too young!” Pah. Anyone can have stress no matter what age. The same thing that bothers “older” people bothers young people. I’m 23, that doesn’t make me 13 or something. Really frustrating.


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