Why Does My Body Need a Cleanse?

If my organs were placed in my body to remove toxins, why do I need a cleanse?

Great question. Your kidneys, liver, and other toxin-flushing bio-doodads were designed (intelligently or otherwise) a long time ago, before the creation of industrial toxins and countless other additives found in modern “foods.” Our body now deals with these toxins by storing them in our adipose tissue, or body fat. The best way to eliminate these toxins is to eliminate the fat they’re stored in.

Furthermore, there are substances that, technically, our bodies are equipped to handle, but that we eat too much of. For example, sugar. Ancient people could eat apples, grapes, even honey and be fine. Unfortunately, thanks to innovations such as high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, the Standard American Diet sees us consuming sugar at absurd levels. Hello diabetes, obesity, depression, and possibly even cancer.

Same holds true for substances such as alcohol and caffeine. Most bodies can deal with—even thrive with—a cup or two o’ java in the morning. But how many people stop there?

A few might be able to reduce these things to acceptable levels on a whim, but for most of us the simplest way to kick these addictions and return to a place of homeostasis (balance) is to go cold turkey for a while or, in other words, “cleanse.”

The tricky thing about cleansing is that people want to eat their junk and be healthy at the same time. Some of them may have über guts equipped to cope with all those toxins. But for most of us, a healthy cleanse like Beachbody Ultimate Reset is the way to go.

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