Alopecia Areata Came Back After 2 Years

After being in remission for two years, alopecia areata is back and my hair started to fall out again. It happened fast, over a period of a week and a half. It’s still falling out, but I hope it will stop soon.

It’s only one side this time which is odd. Well, my husband called many dermatologists to get me seen ASAP. But a lot of dermatologists don’t deal with hair loss, and the ones that do are booked for months.

However, he worked some magic. I went from having an appointment at the end of September to the end of August, then to the end of July and finally he found a doctor to see me that same week. He is awesome.

My New Dermatologist

The doctor is really cool. Wears a bowtie and is young (in other words, omg he’s a time lord). He knows his stuff and recognizes how much this impacts me, so we are being aggressive. I got oral steroids (Prednisone) and a bunch of steroid shots in my scalp. Plus an antifungal shampoo called Ketoconazole. The idea there is to get rid of dandruff, because it’s one less inflammatory hair thing for the body to fight.

Biologics for Alopecia Areata?

Also, he even knew about a biologic that has shown results in alopecia patients. In a clinical study, 50 of 66 participants with alopecia areata saw a full head of hair inside of three months. The catch? It costs around $30,000 USD a year. Although that sounds amazing, a lot of insurances won’t cover it because it is considered experimental treatment.

How Fast Does Alopecia Areata Progress?

A friend asked me this.

Here is the progression over the week period of hair loss.

Day 1 - Alopecia Areata is Back Day 1

Day 2 - Alopecia Areata is Back Day 2

Day 3 - Alopecia Areata is Back Day 3 Day 4 - Alopecia Areata is Back Day 4 Day 5 - Alopecia Areata is Back Day 5

Day 6 - Alopecia Areata is Back Day 6

2 thoughts on “Alopecia Areata Came Back After 2 Years

  • August 4, 2017 at 8:02 am

    My AA changed from very active for 15 years to in 1 year growing everything back on my head. Only missing parts of my eye brows.
    Doc doesn’t know why for sure. I worry it will come back but also “take the win!”

  • November 24, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    My son’s first bout of Alopecia started when he was in the 6th grade at age 11. Researchers said the younger you start the less likely you are to grow hair back. His AA started on the scalp then progressed to the whole body (Universalis). After numerous visits to the doctor and uncountable steroid injections, his hair returned at age 17. Unfortunately, his hair is beginning to patch again. His Dermatologist suggested aggressive methods again – which means bouts of injections and shampoos. AA is a long, hard struggle, but if he’s willing, I’m riding this road with him.


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