An Ultrasound Gone Bad

Obviously, PNES is not all I have. I have a various number of other medical conditions, and I have to get checked up on those, too. However, it’s like PNES intensifies everything.

I may or may not have Endometriosis, which is a condition that causes painful periods, but can only be officially diagnosed by surgery, which I have not opted to have yet. There’s no real treatment other than being on birth control and controlling the pain, so the surgery is an unnecessary procedure right now.

Anyway, my periods are AWFUL. I’m on Vicodin the first three days of my period, because they are so painful. Well, the pain has been getting worse and worse, so my doctor decided to order an ultrasound to see if I had anything growing in the walls or any kind of mass in my uterus.

Okay, fine, I can do an ultrasound. Then I find out I have to drink a bunch of water and NOT PEE at all until it’s over…. sigh, okay FINE.

So today was the appointment, and I went in dancing the famous pee dance while waiting for the tech to come and get me. I go in and the ultrasound lasted 2 minutes and she says I can go pee now, but there’s a part two to the procedure. Okay, I just wanted relief so I rush to the bathroom. Ah, relief.

Then I go back inside the room and she tells me the second part is a transvaginal ultrasound.


Nobody told me about this part! They’re supposed to warn you! My doctor never mentioned this part! And it’s funny because I’m in a state that’s forcing pregnant women who want to abort to have this procedure, and it’s this huge controversial battle over it. Now, I’m not pregnant, so it wasn’t for that reason, but it still felt like a violation of my privacy. I was not mentally prepared for it. So my vote is a HELL, NO, on that part of the bill. Just saying.

It was unexpected, and as we all know, unexpected things cause ANXIETY. Sigh. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me, it was a very big deal. So I of course sent a message to my doctor flipping out on her, because they’re supposed to warn you about the procedure beforehand, which I never was. The tech doing it was very surprised that I wasn’t told about this part, so she was very nice about it and explained why this part of the procedure was necessary, and what they hope to see as a result of the procedure. Okay, so I felt a little better, but I still didn’t like it.

So I went home and had cookies and stared at cute kitten and puppy pictures to cheer myself up. I might get upstairs and play the keyboard, but I have a lot of other stuff to do today. Yay, life.


3 thoughts on “An Ultrasound Gone Bad

  • July 24, 2013 at 2:07 am

    Well… this sounds slightly familiar. I’m sorry your doctor didn’t tell you about the transvaginal beforehand. Really weird that no one did. =/

    I have horrible messed up periods too. I have had severe pain for years, though never really used anything for it (and never thought of prescription pain meds o.O), because stuff like Midol never worked and Ibuprofen stopped working a while ago. So… I just curl up in a ball and rock myself while enduring the pain. I also have the problem of periods around twice a month with being a week long/+ and heavy bleeding. I had seen a GYN in early 2012 and they were not helpful at all, they made it seem like they did hormone bloodchecks but really they didn’t (so no surprise they didn’t find anything wrong with the bloodwork they did) and they had me do a regular ultrasound. That ultrasound went by pretty quickly and then I heard back from them saying “Nothing’s wrong with you.” and not even giving me any advice on how to stop the pain (I had pain all the time, and severe ovulation pain too.), they didn’t even suggest birth control which is really weird.

    So I had my new primary doctor who I started seeing late last year do bloodwork on my hormones and she found them all to be really low. She gave me some bioidentical hormone pills and those worked a bit with putting my period back to regular time, but only while I was taking them and they didn’t help lessen my pain any. I could only take them for a little while because they were so expensive, and now that I’m off my period is going back to almost 2 times a month. >.< My dr has ordered bloodwork again on my hormones and I requested this time a transvaginal ulstrasound… if I can take it. Her nurse wrote on the order that I can try the transvaginal, but if I can't handle it that I can stop and just do regular (so I guess I'll be doing the hold water and regular ultrasound first). So… how horrible is the transvaginal ultrasound? I can barely stand a GYN exam, so I don't know how I can do this, but some people say it sounds like I have endometriosis others say it sounds like polycystic ovaries… or it could all be due to stress, I don't know. But I would like to do anything I can to find out.

    Sorry for the long comment, but it's nice to find someone who has some similar problems. Most people aren't so nice or understanding about the extreme-period-pain thing. My boyfriend sees the pain I'm in and wonders how I worked or did school with it and I tell him I just worked through it. I've always had the mind that it was… somehow rude to employers or teacher by taking advantage of having a period by not going to work or leaving early or missing class. Which I guess is a stupid thought. haha

    • July 24, 2013 at 2:27 am

      Urgh, I’m sorry you’re having problems with your doctors trying to figure this out. Painful periods are no joke. My husband always wondered as well how I managed before he convinced me to ask my doctor about Vicodin.

      The procedure itself isn’t that big of a deal, I just wanted a little warning. It’s a long plastic rod that gets inserted into your vagina. It’s plastic so not really cold, but you feel pressure and it’s uncomfortable when it’s poking around in your uterus. If you get tense before regular exams, I would see if you can get an xanax to help you before the procedure to relax you.

      And no, not a lot of people understand this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill period cramps. This is crying-curled-up-in-a-fetal-position-2 seconds-away-from-passing-out-period cramps. I didn’t miss school or work either! I just stuck it out, drank a lot of water, and didn’t move unless I had to. I didn’t want to inconvenience any one with my problems.

      I hope you figure out your pain source, and find a way to control the pain. It’s really debilitating and some doctors do not understand this. We shall bring awareness to the masses!

      • July 24, 2013 at 2:05 pm

        Okay. Yeah, I tend to really tense up and then not breathe, which isn’t good. Last exam my doctor actually combined my prescheduled visit for something else with the GYN exam because she wasn’t busy, so it was good to get all done at once. Even though I like my new doctor, still can’t relax. She was like “Okay relax. …. Well that’s not relaxed is it *laugh*”. So I tried, still hurt a dang lot. So the ultrasound will probably hurt like heck, but I’m going to try it.

        You’d think our fellow women would be a lot more understanding/caring or something to these cramps but instead it’s always “Toughen up!” “bear with it!” blah blah. (not something to help the PNES) And heh, not when I feel like someone’s putting knives into me and twisting them around and pulling or squeezing on my insides for an hour or two.

        Thanks! hehe


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