Become a Creator

One thousand, six hundred and sixty-nine hours. That’s the amount of time the average American will spend watching television in 2004, according to USA Today. That’s seventy days a year. Wow.

Just imagine what we could accomplish in seventy days. Unfortunately this statistic brings home the harsh reality that many of us would rather spend hours watching other people’s reality than cultivate our own optimal reality. Many of us pay our hard-earned money to watch professional athletes enjoy their sport (and become rich doing it), and yet we never engage in the sport ourselves. We help others become rich by buying music, but we never develop the richness of our lives by creating our own music. Many of us watch the Food Network but never cook. We live vicariously through home makeovers, and yet we don’t experience the personal joy of sitting down and imagining how we would design our own homes.

The fact is we don’t cultivate happiness and energy by watching some Joe become a millionaire or watching some millionaire teach you how to make the best cup of Joe. While obviously there is nothing wrong with watching reality television, cooking shows, sporting events and listening to music, the problem lies when we only live through other people and fail to create our own reality.

Today I am encouraging you to become a creator. Engage in an activity that brings you joy, excitement and energy. You don’t have to cook, play music, write, or throw a football, but it’s important to remember to engage yourself with life. I have to remind myself to do this at times. I’ll be in my office checking e-mail for what seems like forever, and I’ll have to nudge myself and say, “Get outside and do something.”

What do you enjoy and miss doing? What activity is calling your name?

Source: Energy Addict: 101 Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Ways to Energize Your Life

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