Bleeding Gums?

Bleeding Gums? Two Solutions
Dr. Nan Fuchs, PhD., offers a solution to those who have bleeding gums.

Bacteria between the teeth often causes the gums to bleed. Many try to correct the bleeding with mouth washes and flossing but without success. So, Dr. Fuchs figured that one can fight “bad bacteria” with “good bacteria”. This process works in the intestines why not try it in the mouth.

Dr. Fuchs and her associates found a simple yet wonderful process to correct bleeding gums using friendly bacteria known as probiotics. You know it as AIM’s FloraFood.

The process is rather simple. Place one or two capsules of FloraFood in your mouth and allow them to become soft with your AIM's Flora Foodsaliva. Bite down on the capsules and allow the powder to come out into your mouth. Or–open the capsules and place the powder directly in the mouth. Move the powder/paste around the base of the teeth, especially around any teeth that may be hurting. Then, swallow the FloraFood. Now the benefits continue on into the digestive tract.

Dr. Fuchs reports that the bleeding and any infection vanished within a week. No more bleeding gums.  (Women’s Health, September, 2007)


Another solution to bleeding gums is reported by AIM Chairman’s Club Member, Dr. John Shewfelt. He  tells how his bleeding gums became healthy and vibrant when he began to include AIM’s CellSparc 360 in his daily nutritional program.

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