Book Review: The Butterfly and the Violin

I was recently on a road trip that allowed me to read a few books to review when I got home. The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron (Hidden Masterpiece Series, #1) was a random choice. Sometimes I do judge books by their cover, and this book’s cover called out to me.

It runs along two plot lines, which in itself is difficult to do: Nazi Germany and present time. Kristy Cambron had no problem doing so. She kept me riveted into the story line. It was a beautiful telling of past and present over a piece of history, a painting of a young girl and her violin, that seems so minor but is really very profound.

An art gallery owner, Sera James, is obsessed with finding this painting she saw as a young girl in a Paris museum. She has found someone with a possible connection to the painting and must go convince them to sell it to her. She meets the man who controls the estate while things are in limbo during a family member’s inevitable death. She agrees to look for the painting with him, but she has her own insecurities as she once had her own world crumble around her, and the author ties this with the girl in the painting. While no heartbreak is the same, the pain is real across the board.

There is a romantic sub-plot in the novel, but it is not the forefront. The novel focuses on the history of the “hidden masterpiece” which is ‘the butterfly and the violin’. It has Christian undertones, which suited the novel nicely without being overreaching.

The way the author wove the two lives together was flawless, they intersect like one person. She probes into questions of deep, powerful meaning ranging from love to beauty; but for me the most important one she posed is “Can we hold on to God when we have every reason to give up hope?”

The Butterfly and the Violin was a beautifully written book, and I am on the list to check out the second one in the series. I’m very excited.

I give it….. quibbler_100quibbler_100quibbler_100quibbler_100 or four Quibblers.

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes,

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