Car Accident Update

So I’ve been having daily seizures, and they did all sorts of work ups on me. I had a seizure during the middle of my brain MRI so that came out blurry (woops); so the team of doctors decided I should be admitted to the Neurology – Epileptic Unit at a hospital in downtown Milwaukee this coming week. There, I will be under constant 24-7 monitoring, with all sorts of wires and tubes sticking up all over me and confined to my bed with the rails up or a recliner, which I need a nurse to walk me to the chair. They ain’t taking no chances here. I will be taken off my anti-seizure meds so seizure-la-la land here I come!

But I will be blogging about this experience as this is new for me, and I’m sure there are other people out there who have questions about seizures and what all goes on. I’ll even post pictures of the freaky equipment they will use and explain each one. Maybe if I can can get a hand on a video, I can post that. That’d be interesting! Scary to watch, I’m sure, but educational.

So I just wanted to let y’all know that I’ll be doing that this week. For now just keep on reading the blog like normal (so sorry it has been so sporadic) and gear up for an adventure in a few days!

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