Chemo Hasn’t Killed My Kidneys, and Cancer Can’t Steal My Emotions

Round 3 of chemo was to start on Monday, April 24th. Blood tests came back and some stuff with my kidneys were still too high to start chemo. Because of this, they gave me a bag and a half of fluids (they gave me a bag and a half on Sunday as well since they were high then from testing).

Checking chemo’s effect on my kidneys

On Monday, they decided to schedule me with a kidney specialist at another location in the afternoon. Well, as you can see if you’ve been following my whole story, that got me worried a bit. As I knew going into chemo treatment that it would have an impact on my kidneys. To help make things better, I need to drink 64 oz of fluid (water or something non-carbonated) a day. I’ve tried water and just can’t drink plain old water. I checked with the doctor and they said Powerade was fine (as I have no problem knocking back 2 Powerade’s a day).

Today, Tuesday, April 25th, I went in for more blood work to see if they could start chemo today. The levels were much better but .08 over what they normally do. The nurses checked with the doctor and he said it should be fine to proceed.

In the afternoon, I went to the kidney specialist (very unprepared). When I got there, I parked basically on the opposite end of the building, thus when they checked my pulse it was a little high (but not in AFib), I told them it was because of the distance I had to walk to find their office 😛 They also needed a urine sample for testing. Luckily the blood tests were done with the chemo testing earlier in the day.

First the aide comes in and gets my vitals and general info into the computer (the many meds I’m on and what not, basically questions I answer about 3 times anytime I go in now). Then the nurse walks in and starts going over some things with me. A few minutes later, the doctor himself comes in and joins the conversation reading everything I’ve been through medically on the computer.

Good news!

While I was giving some of the “Cliff’s Notes” version of everything, the doctor goes “Wait, you have AFib? You’re too young to have AFib!” I was like “tell that to my body…” but actually responded with “I was diagnosed in 2015 and showed no symptoms since until the day I was to start chemo.” The other thing he asked is why I am taking one of the chemicals I am taking. I had to explain to him it’s part of my chemo treatment for cancer I have.

Then he proceeds to tell me he sees that in his notes now and that at least one lymph node was stage 2b. I am/was a little concerned being half way through treatments and the most I was told was 2a. However, I’m not really upset over it. I am NOT having pain from the lymph nodes currently, so I view it as the chemo is working.

The doctor gets through going through everything and then comes the blow to me… He tells me my kidneys are actually in excellent condition going into this. My kidneys will bounce back fine after I’m through with everything from treatment. I was put on some meds (because I’m not taking enough right now as it is) and asked to see him again before my final round of treatment.
So despite getting put on additional meds, there was good news twice today! Chemo was a go and my kidneys are okay/will bounce back!

Pain and cancer

Now as I was saying that I’m NOT having pain from the cancerous lymph nodes, I am having body pain from other things.

For those of you unaware, on Monday, April 17th, I was in a car accident. From this I got whiplash. I have neck pain, lower back pain, and left shoulder pain. Out of all of them, the shoulder pain is the least of the pain. I was hospitalized that evening and after testing, was told it’s only whiplash and was given nothing for it. When I went on on Sunday for my blood work for chemo, I had brought that up. I had additional X-Ray’s done and was prescribed some pain pills. I don’t believe my car is totaled, but it does need a new drivers door and additional work. The person who hit me admitted they were completely at fault and that their insurance would cover it.

In the end, I’m still above ground and still fighting like all heck to get through everything.

My emotions are still here, and in force

On one last note, I have become more emotional than ever with everything going on. It’s not even so much an emotional roller coaster, it’s just something mental that I honestly cry multiple times a day over things. Something on TV can come on and I start crying for basically no reason (unless it’s a St Jude Commercial). I see the anti-cancer posts to my Facebook page, donations coming to this page or in the mail, or anything else that people do in support for my fight and I end up starting to cry, as I’m honestly touched by all of the love and support from everyone I am getting, as everything means a LOT to me.

Editor’s Note: Bryan needs your help with the incredible medical bills for his cancer treatments. Anything – even $5 or $10 – would be so appreciated.

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