Day Two: Anything new?

Well, it’s day two of the vegetarian / pH-balancing diet, and it’s amazing. For me, I don’t feel as hungry because I get so much fiber and stuff from the vegetables. So I don’t go for seconds, thirds, and so on. We take some pills (trying to get off them!) that make you nauseous if you don’t have enough in your stomach, so we’re working on figuring that out. We’re thinking we might have to do 6 small meals a day so there’s always something in the stomach. It’ll probably be more fruits and berries or maybe some organic goat’s milk yogurt, so it’ll still be healthy and vegetarian.

We got the exercise bike today! I got my husband an exercise bike for his birthday. It was easy enough to put together, just an hour really. The computer and LED panel in it runs on batteries, so it should be good! I’m excited to use it, especially for him, because neuropathy prevents being fully active. This will help on the path to get stronger again.

I’m going to keep checking in each day to report how we’re feeling and any major changes that happens. I’m excited for this journey!

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