Don’t Be a Waiter of Life

I believe everyone should wait tables once in their life so they can learn to appreciate the people who make their living off of the tips and generosity of others. Wait tables once and you will have a new appreciation for the difficulty of this job.

While everyone should try being a waiter of tables, I also believe no one should be a waiter of life. A waiter of life is someone who always waits for everything to happen. Instead of living now and tapping the energy of now, they wait for the future and put their energy into the future. A waiter is always thinking of their next accomplishment, and next vacation. They wait for tomorrow to be happy. They wait for a bigger house, a bigger car, and a bigger paycheck to be satisfied. When tomorrow comes, they are still not content. Then they can’t wait to buy a second house and a second car. A waiter so badly wants the future to be now they get very anxious when they are in traffic or in line at the grocery store. Ironically, a waiter of life doesn’t wait very well at all. They bang their steering wheel in traffic, make faces at the grocery clerk, and fidget as they wait for an appointment or meeting. A waiter is always thinking of tomorrow so they never enjoy today.

I still find myself being a waiter at times, but much less than I used to. In the past I was the busiest waiter I knew. I was always thinking of the future. I would project my life into the future and imagine how happy I would be. But I was never happy now. I would often say, “I can’t wait until the kids are older. Then we’ll have fun.” My wife, who is a great teacher, would often respond, “What about now? If you’re not happy now, you’ll never be happy.” Everything changed when I made a conscious decision to give up my job as a waiter of life. I practiced not waiting and like everything in life, if we practice we will get better.

When you give up your job as a waiter you will create more energy in your life. Like we discussed earlier, instead of your energy being split, it will all be here and now. This will allow you to focus on today and now, instead of thinking about tomorrow and the future. This means more energy for our lives and less energy for our future, imagined life. Ironically, when we stop being a waiter the future is better than we could have imagined.

Source: Energy Addict: 101 Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Ways to Energize Your Life

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