Facial Hair Loss from Testicular Cancer Treatment

On top of going through what I’m going through physically, mentally and emotionally from my testicular cancer, I understand now that cancer patients have to be worried about their freaking pocket book. Excuse me for not having tons of money before being diagnosed with cancer. Then there’s another new thing to me, facial hair loss.

Facial Hair Loss Halfway Through Testicular Cancer Treatments

I’m currently at the halfway point of treatment. Things could be better, but they could be a lot worse (which I shall not focus on). As of this past weekend, I do look very pale. I am really losing my hair now. I also have facial hair loss where my facial hair isn’t coming in. So I haven’t shaved in about a week. I’m planning on shaving off the hair that I do have this week.

For those of you that see me outside of my house, plan on seeing me with a hat on! As for the facial hair loss at least I don’t need to cover that up and it saves me shaving time.

I’m doing everything I can to hold my head up high and overcome everything that has been thrown my way. With the love and support from everyone I’ve been getting I feel extremely blessed. I honestly can not put out there in words how much everything has meant to me.

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart.

I know there are questions that have come about the last few weeks, which anyone can feel free to ask on this post and I will reply in regards to treatment or anything that is going on health wise for me. As I am purposely sharing my story to help spread knowledge. Also, keep in mind, this is only what I’m going/gone through. There are others out there with testicular cancer that have gone through the same thing, but will have different results. Everyone is different, so I don’t expect what happens to me to be the exact same thing as what happens/happened to someone else.

Bill Collectors Already Starting to Call

Cancer treatment is expensive, I knew that going in. But a lot of friends are surprised that hospitals and doctors’ offices are already having bill collectors contact me for payment, when I’m just now halfway into my treatments. You probably will not guess what triggered the calls.

I started receiving bills and thought the honest thing to do was to setup payment plans to get places paid for my treatment. So I called and told them I can give them X amount a month. That amount isn’t good enough apparently, but now they know a good way to contact me and that I have some money to work with. It’s like sorry for actually trying to make an effort to get you the money I could afford.

Can’t wait to hear from the financial adviser from LiveStrong to see how they can help me out with this stuff.

Editor’s Note: Bryan needs your help with the incredible medical bills for his cancer treatments. Anything – even $5 or $10 – would be so appreciated.

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