Finding Positive Words and Phrases

I think we all have a hard time staying focused when we get tired, stressed, or overwhelmed. We start listening to that voice in our head that may be telling us that we can’t do something or we are too tired or too busy, so we tend to give up on ourselves and listen. I am sooooo guilty of this or I should say I used to be more than I am now. The reason why I am better at pushing myself through a tough workout or calming myself down when things are tough or I am stressed, is because I figured out my go to positive words and this has helped me SOOO MUCH!

What do I mean by go-to positive phrases? Well for example what is the voice in your head telling you when you are doing a tough workout and you start to get really tired? Usually you will hear “I’m too tired and I need to stop I can’t do this!” Thats TOTALLY normal by the way so don’t feel like you are alone BUT I need you to learn to ignore that voice and start listening to that other voice that’s telling you “YOU CAN DO IT!” Start being your own personal cheerleader and biggest fan!

How do you do this?  For me what worked is I had to test some phrases out and I must tell you everyone is different so your go to phrase may not be the same as mine. I am the type that would like a Jillian Michaels type of fitness trainer so my go to phrases that work for me are things likes “You Got this” “Go harder!” “Push Yourself” You’re doing great and you can do more!”  You may not respond well to these types of phrases and that’s okay, just figure out words that work for you… you may respond better to a trainer like Bob Harper  – more calming, caring, zen, type of things so that’s why you need to test these out.

This doesn’t just apply to your workouts, that is just one example of how to use this in your daily life. You can also use this to de-stress while at work if you are feeling overwhelmed, at home if you are feeling frustrated with your child during potty training and more. Just really work on figuring out what calms you down or pushes you to do more and LISTEN TO THE POSITIVE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD! 😀

What are your positive affirmations? Comment below.

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