Five Obamacare Benefits Too Dangerous To Repeal

As GOP leadership ramps up secretive meetings to define a cohesive repeal and replace plan, it is important to realize what could be repealed. Regardless of how closely you follow healthcare policy, you probably have not considered the loss of these Obamacare benefits. They could be deadly to remove from U.S. law.

First, Obamacare Facts You Are Already Familiar With

Otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the law serves to improve healthcare in the U.S.

Since enactment in 2010, the ACA health care reforms have faced much controversy. Critics claim a variety of reasons why Obamacare should be repealed. They include:

  • higher taxes on the wealthy to support the program
  • changes to Medicare
  • disruption in the insurance market
  • limited access to providers
  • tax increases that affect the middle class

Congress and the Obama Administration addressed at least two large healthcare deficiencies through the Affordable Care Act. This resulted in:

  • requirements for health insurance companies to cover more preventative medical services, lowering the need for more expensive and serious acute care
  • greater access to that expanded care by way of more affordable insurance policies

President Obama and the majority Democratic Congress targeted the uninsured and under-insured U.S. population. That group comprised members without coverage due to:

  • employers not providing health insurance
  • unemployment
  • lack of financial resources
  • falling into a gap between any other state or federal program

The Unknown Obamacare Benefits You Will Not Want to Live Without

However, without the Affordable Care Act, these five things can become reality again.

  1. A person with a history of time spent in jail could lose their eligibility for Medicaid after release. As a result, any medical conditions acquired while being incarcerated, such as hepatitis or other infections, and untreated healthcare conditions would put the community at risk.
  2. Annual health insurance premiums could spike significantly. Since 2010, the average cost has declined by 40 percent compared to the ten years before ACA.
  3. Sicknesses and deaths from tobacco and cigarettes, obesity, prescription drug misuse and heroin abuse could rise, through loss of the Prevention and Public Health Fund.
  4. Victims of domestic abuse could go without screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and counseling. Pregnant victims could suddenly lose eligibility for breast pump supplies and lactation support.
  5. Survivors of cancer could have their health insurance terminated. In any event, they might receive coverage for care that does not relate to having had cancer. Meaning no annual PET scans, checkups with oncologists, visits with a therapist, maintenance medications, and zero benefits for future recurrences.

2 thoughts on “Five Obamacare Benefits Too Dangerous To Repeal

  • March 6, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Apparently it is OK to under insure yourself and then rack up huge medical debt when you have a catastrophic illness or injury but not okay to have no insurance because you can’t afford the premiums and then get catastrophic illness.

    • March 7, 2017 at 1:32 am

      So part of what I read seem to say you have a mandate to buy insurance but you can buy a cheaper plan that cover minor aches of getting older and when you get Ill you not covered, that really a good way to stick it to the older people, force them to pay for useless insurance, what kind of person even think of something like that


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