Book Review: Grey; Fifty Shades of Grey As Told By Christian

Book Read: Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey As Told By Christian

Please don’t read if you didn’t read the book. I try not to add spoilers, but I can’t always stop my babbling.

Everyone knows the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E L James. There was a huge merchandise boom, and jokes and all that jazz when it came out. A Twilight fanfic that got discovered and rewritten to be original. People described it as porn in writing. It sure took off like it was porn. Hell, there’s even a movie out for the first novel (guilty!). I am a fan of the trilogy. I own the three books, and when I heard about Grey, I immediately pre-ordered it, set it to deliver immediately to my Kindle upon release day. I waited in anticipation. I’ve always wondered what the hell Christian was thinking all those times. I am sure I’m not the only one.

Then, at 12:02am, June 18, the book had arrived on my Kindle. Despite my horrid month and half with a migraine above pain level of 8, I grabbed my phone and opened the book. To my great disappointment, although I am not sure what I expected to be honest, it is dull. First, it is by DATES, not chapters. Second, while we do see Christian’s dreams and thoughts, they’re very unsubstantiated. I do not feel the character. I thought I would devour the book within the hour. I did get half way but my migraine got in the way. So I put it off til later.

Picked it up again, determined that my first impression was wrong. No, it wasn’t. Christian is a bona fide asshole. He is “fifty shades of fucked up”. While I understand this is his point of view. I noticed tiny things that changed. Things that can’t be forgotten or unimagined. I cannot share them here because spoilers, but one thing is Elena. Oh, my, god, the revelation there is MIND BLOWING. I wanted to throw my Kindle out the window (I miss paperbacks already).

Christian didn’t really develop as a character, he just makes me want to vomit. We heard his thoughts, and saw what he saw, but the events were the same. I was reading the same book except the other way around. Anastasia has more character and oomph than he does. But it’s Fifty Shades, not Shakespeare. I will read the rest if she does the other two from his POV just to see how he changed, but at the moment, Christian is on my shit list, as Kavanaugh so eloquently put it.

So I give it quibbler_100 quibbler_100  or two quibblers worth.

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes,

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