Happy Valentine’s Day Things To Do For Kids & Singles

It’s Valentine’s Day! Which means tomorrow is discount chocolate day, let’s not forget that important date. Listen, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Here are some light-hearted, fun, and tasty things to do for singles, kids, and parents celebrating this Valentine’s Day.

#1 – Single? Host a Galentine’s Day Party or a Palentine’s Day Party!

What’s Galentine’s Day? Think everything you’d do with your guy, minus the guy and the possible sex stuff. Oftentimes, ladies hold their Galentine’s Day parties over breakfast or brunch. Live it up with your girls. By the way, you can invite your coupled friends to such a gathering if you’d like, sans boyfriends and husbands. Now that that’s clear, you can probably guess Palentine’s Day would be the inverse – guys with their guys, doing guy things.

#2 – The Only Single Friend? Love Yourself!

Commercially, Valentine’s Day seems to be all about spreading love and kindness to other people. However, before you love anyone else, be sure to love yourself first. We’re talking Netflix and popcorn. Catch up on those shows or read a book.

#3 – Parents With Children? Tackle Some of These Super Cool Valentine’s Day Science Ideas With Your Kids!

Get ready for some fun, excitement, learning, and bonding time. And-possibly-some-messes-but-we-said-that-so-fast-you-didn’t-hear-it.

Valentine’s Slime
Dissolving Candy Hearts Experiment
Melting Hearts Preschool Science Experiment
Bird Watching/Counting + Treats to Make for the Birds
Heart Shaped Bubble Wands
Growing Big Crystals
Magic Erupting Color Reveal Experiment
Love Potion Experiment for Preschoolers
Valentine’s Coded Messages
Valentine’s Oil and Water Density Experiment
Melting Hearts Frozen Dough
Pink Glitter Slime
3D Heart Model
Flying Cupids Static Electricity Experiment
Building Structures with Candy Hearts
2 Ingredient Glitter Slime
Dissolving Skittles Experiment
Fizzy Science Experiment
Cherry Explosion Sweet Smelling Fizzy Science
Magnetic Heart Jar
Ice Heart Science and Art Activity
Interlocking Crystal Hearts
Pink Volcano Experiment
Marbled Milk
How to Make Rock Candy
Candy Heart Rainbow Science
Frozen Vinegar Hearts
Magnetic Valentine Hearts
Fizzing Heart Cloud Dough Experiment
Heart Salt Sculptures
Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures
Density Jar Experiment
Salt and Ice Experiment
Fizzy Exploding Hearts
Valentine’s Day Hydrogen Peroxide Yeast Experiment (Elephant Toothpaste)
Love Potion Valentine Experiment

#4 – Do you need snacks for your party, home, or office? Here’s a recipe to make a heart-shaped, sugar-free strawberries and cream gummy!

NOTE: The linked recipe is from an Aussie blog, so you may need to convert the units of measurement. We’ve converted it to U.S. for you below!


  • 5.6 oz organic coconut milk
  • 1 oz water
  • 1 tsp granulated stevia
  • 1 tbsp Walden Farms sugar-free strawberry sauce (substitute: 1 tbsp pureed, strained strawberries)
  • 1 tbsp gelatin

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