Healthy Summer Food Alternatives

We are committed to help you live a healthier life, but we won’t trick you into eating only rice cakes this summer. These healthy summer food substitutions keep you feeling good about your days at the beach, cocktails by the pool, hot dogs at baseball games, and so many other summertime favorites. A relaxing day of summer fun does not need to mean overeating and weight gain!

The Healthy Summer Food Master List

Healthy alternatives which taste just as delicious and may help you stay at your ideal weight? Do tell. Here is your cheat sheet of healthy summer food alternatives for this year and beyond.

  • Sausages and hot dogs — Rack up the fat and sodium
    Chicken or turkey — Lower fat alternatives
  • Fair and carnival foods — From deep-fried sweets to turkey legs the size of Texas
    Caramel apples or a simple grilled meat — Great taste, less calories
  • Fried chicken — Not good for your arteries or waistline
    Skinless on the grill — Try marinating skinless chicken to help pump up the flavor
  • Ice Cream — Toppings with a waffle cone or cookie shell add up calories quickly
    Frozen yogurt, sherbet, or sorbet — If toppings are a must, go for the fresh fruit options
  • Creamy salads — Mayonnaise-based salads are loaded with fat and calories
    Low-fat Greek yogurt or vinegar — Flavorful alternatives with less calories
  • Alcoholic umbrella drinks — Pina coladas and daiquiris can set you back up to 800 calories
    Light beer and wine — Be sure to stay hydrated with water and light drinks
  • Large, high-fat meats — Large portions of meat can contain more calories and fat than you should eat in an entire day
    Skinless chicken thighs, pork tenderloin, turkey breast burger — Served up with fruits, veggies or grilled corn on the cob.

Summer does not have to be a diet misfortune if you pay attention to portion sizes and enjoy these fattening foods sparingly.

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