How to Get the EEG Glue Out of Your Hair

When I came home after my video EEG monitoring in the hospital, my hair was a terrible, matted, knotted mess. I had the EEG glue all over my hair, and I have super long hair that goes down past my shoulders, so I was freaking out how I was going to fix it without destroying my hair. I looked on the internet and I saw things like baby oil, deep conditioning, fine tooth comb, even peanut butter!

I am ashamed to say I tried all of these, but they didn’t work. And by this point I had lost so much hair in the process, I was freaking out even more. I swear I have a bald spot, but my husband says I don’t. But I do have a lot of short pieces of hair from the hair breaking off.

Finally, my hairstylist cousin said, “You should try bond glue remover. You know, the stuff girls use to get their glued hair extensions off.” I thought, okay it couldn’t hurt to try. So I found Proclaim Super Bond Remover Shampoo and Proclaim Super Bond Remover Oil. I tried it the first day I got it, and I used a fine tooth comb in the shower to help get the glue off.

It worked. I was so excited, it worked! It took a couple shampoos, but I got the glue out, and I could focus on getting my hair healthy again. So I picked up some Biotin supplements, and I can see the improvement in my hair every day. The damage had already been done from previous attempts, so my hair was still very fragile and weak. I would brush your hair with a wide tooth comb for a little while until your hair gets strong again. Brushing it right now will just break off more hair because it’s so weak. I would also pick up some hair styling product like a frizz smoothing hair spray or gel to help calm the short hairs while you let it grow out, especially if it’s humid where you live.

I was able to save my hair from disaster, and I hope this helps you save your hair, too!

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