I Got a New Knee Brace Thursday

Remember, I mentioned in an earlier post about my plica syndrome? Well, it’s acting up again, and I don’t want to go back in and get that $800 shot (even with insurance, it’s expensive!), so I decided to shop around for a knee brace to help stabilize my knee.

I needed something that would move with me, especially since I work out a lot, more than just walking. I do intense cardio workouts, and my knee needs to move with me.

I went to a medical supply store, because they would have the largest selection of knee braces available and got sized for one. The nurse sizing me up said not to worry, there are braces for active people. The one I ended up getting is one that a lot of professional football players use to protect their knee. You know football players have bad knees.

The one I ended up getting is this one: CMO Wrap Around Knee Support with Hinges.

It works great. My knee doesn’t hurt when I move, and it’s still flexible enough that I can move around. I find that I’m more active with the brace because I’m not in pain anymore. Hopefully, it’ll let it heal enough that I will only need to wear the brace during intense exercise and not a daily thing. But we’ll see how that goes. I’m wearing it everyday for now until I feel comfortable to move without it.

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