I hate EEG Glue!

This EEG glue is crazy strong! My hair is matted, knotted, and just all around a complete shaggy mess, and then there’s the glue that just won’t come out.

I did a lot of searching on the internet, and pretty much found very little in ways of getting it out. Somebody suggested nail polish remover. REALLY, people? That’s a big NO.

Then I came across this blog that had just what I needed. This lady was able to get the glue out of her hair without completely destroying it, and I gave it a try and it worked! I’m so happy that my hair is saved!

Now if I could just get it to stop shedding… any advice?

4 thoughts on “I hate EEG Glue!

  • July 19, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    I can’t really remember what I did to clean it out from my first EEG… I know it stayed in my hair a couple days… but I probably just really washed with my shampoo and stayed under the water.

    Whatever paste they used for the recent EEG I had didn’t stay in my hair, BUT it gave me a nasty allergic reaction on my skin so I had all these raised sores that hurt and were filled with pus. Now they’re red dry patches. Because of that stuff (and the head wrappings being soooo tight) the EEG thing made my head hurt really bad and I felt like needles were being pushed into my skull and they actually gave me a headache and eyeache. Hopefully never have to go through that again… lol

    I hope you figure out how to get the glue out of your hair… or already have! hehe


    • July 19, 2013 at 2:30 pm

      I did manage to get the glue out of my hair with the super bond remover shampoo called Proclaim. But my hair got frizzy and broken off and it was just nuts how horrible it is on your hair. So I picked up some Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment, and after just one treatment, my hair looks healthy again! I’m so happy!

      You had an allergic reaction? I am so sorry to hear that. It did itch a lot for me, and when they had to put more of the stuff with the syringe, that would hurt because the syringe would push on the electrodes. But as far as I know, once they came off, it didn’t itch anymore. You should try and find a shampoo like T-Gel, Head and Shoulders, Selsun or another brand to help with the sores and red patches. I hope your scalp heals quickly!

  • April 4, 2014 at 7:19 am

    I had an EEG 2 months ago for the first time. I started to feel itchy on my face shortly after the application of the glue. Technician was only part way through the hook ups but reassured me that no one reacted to the glue before. By that evening I was clawing at my scalp and rubbing my face. I didn’t sleep a wink. I asked a pharmacist what I should do . I took benydrl and used Aveeno cream which settled things a bit but my face where the electrodes were applied still itches and has numerous ( probably 40-50) small red bumps. My scalp had small scabs which have come off but I’m still scratching my head as well several times a day.

    I also had a CT scan chin to pelic area and had severe itching from the dye for weeks. I had had a CT of the brain 3 months earlier with no side effects.

    I know I will have to have more EEGs but as you can imagine I’m not really looking forward to it. Are there other options?

  • February 13, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    Luckily I was fortunate enough to have a technician who knew what she was doing. She had expierience of over 20 years in the field of EEG work. My technician used a mineral oil and mild adhesive remover to get the glue out of my hair. However, the glue did take a few showers to fully come out of my hair. I found letting conditioner soke in my hair before shampooing helped. Also the sores from EEGs are pretty common since overall it breaks down the skin and pressure doesn’t help. I had sores that didn’t break open or get infected thankfully but the stories I have heard are atrocious. My technician told me a story of a young 13 year old girl who had the glue pasted on carelessly and her tech just left it in for her to figure out how to remove. My technician ended up being called down from the ER to help this young girl with patches of hair falling out and open sores. No matter the Technician you have, EEGs will leave stubborn glue and sores but making sure it’s done right is extremely important, so hopefully my story can give someone a parameter of how an EEG should be done.


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