I made the appointment.

I see the psychiatrist at the end of the month.

I’m nervous. I’m not sure what to expect. I tried the talking thing, and I was not comfortable with that therapist, but I looked this guy up and his picture sent warm vibes to me. So I’m hoping I hit it right this time.

I’ve been playing stupid Facebook games to help relieve stress. I’ll study for like a half hour – 45 minutes, then I’ll play Farm Heros Saga or Pepper Panic Saga. If it ends up that playing games like that really helps, I’m thinking of investing in a NintendoDS3 XL in pink with Zelda and Mario games.

I still play my keyboard. I’ve gotten rusty again though, and I think it’s because my brain is preoccupied with school and stuff. Did you know Anatomy and Physiology is hard? Argh. And I have to take part 2 in the Fall.

So we’ll see what happens when I see him.

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