I tried a new plan of action today for myself

Last night, I decided I’m going to take this into my own hands. I have to be my own advocate, right? So I made the decision that when I woke up this morning, I was going to hit the ground running: errands, chores, the like. See how far I could push myself before caving to the couch, this way I know I’m capable of SOMETHING if I start right away.

I did the dishes, made a “grocery” list, did some of my husband’s laundry, cleaned out the backseat of our car from our road trip, cut some boxes down for my husband, and this blog post.

At the moment I feel tired, and my migraine is still intense, but I have a renewed sense of energy. I’m going to try to keep going after I finish this blog post with other chores including my own laundry. Yeck. I hate laundry. Maybe even exercise! Gasp!

I also want to try and clean the kitchen, but I think that might be pushing it a little too far. We’ll see how I feel. I’ll keep you updated!

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