It’s not the end of the world

So you had a bad day. You had second helpings of that pasta dish, or you finished off that bag of potato chips. It’s what you do afterwards that counts the most. Do you say, “Alright, I had some potato chips, no big deal, it happened once,” or “Omg, I finished this bag of chips, I fail, I might as well give up and eat this brownie, too.”

How you react is a good way to gauge your mentality of changing to this new lifestyle of health and wellness. You will make mistakes. You’re human, and you have cravings. If you grew up turning to food as a comfort measure, it is a hard habit to break, and sometimes it may be so hardwired into your brain, that it’s an every day battle for you.

What should happen if you fall back into your bad habits, is you should stop yourself. Instead of berating yourself, punishing yourself for failing, simply remind yourself that one bad meal isn’t going to set you off track and get back to it the next day. It’s this mindset that causes many people to fail. They think it’s an all or nothing deal, because it’s portrayed that way in a lot of diet books and programs. That shouldn’t be the case. If you live a healthy lifestyle, getting your exercise in every day and eating well-balanced meals, one night of partying isn’t going to set you back forever.

So instead of regretting it, just pick yourself up again. It’s not the end of the world.

We just wanted to remind you of this, as we’ve had to remind ourselves sometimes.

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