Know Your Honey

Honey has a big presence in homeopathic remedies and as a food source. There are more than 300 floral sources for honey in the United States. The U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies honey into seven color categories: water white, extra white, white, extra light amber, light amber, amber and dark amber. Here’s a list of the more popular variety.


Alfalfa – light in color, delicate, not as sweet as most honey varieties

Blueberry Blossom – taken from the tiny white flowers of the blueberry bush; has a pleasant flavor and a light amber color

Buckwheat – a dank, full-bodied, strong-flavored honey, found to contain more antioxidant compounds than some lighter honeys.

Clover – one of the most widely available and popular honey varieties

Cranberry Blossom – has a slightly red color and tart flavor

Orange Blossom – a white honey that has a mild, slightly citrus flavor

Sunflower – golden in color, with a rich nutty flavor

Wildflower – derived from many different flowers, dark in color, often used for baking

Tupelo – comes from the river basins of northwest Florida, light in color with a delicate yet distinctive flavor


This is not a complete list of the honey varieties, only the more popular ones. But as you can see, certain honeys are better for some things than others. Buckwheat honey is the best one to use for home remedies for illnesses. Wildflower is best for baking. Each type of honey has a distinct flavor to it depending on where it’s from. Go to your local Honey Farm to learn more about honey, or to get pure honey products!

SOURCE: Kallas Honey Farm, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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