Medical Issue after Medical Issue after Medical Issue…

It doesn’t end. I spent three and half days in the hospital with electrodes glued to my head for a video-EEG to determine whether the seizures I am having was epileptic seizures. The neurologist there was not a very nice person, very stoic, and didn’t have much bedside manner. She determined I was having psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, which is a form of a panic attack. My body was coping with stress in this way. Of course, this made me feel crazy, and like this whole thing was unnecessary, and the doctor certainly didn’t make me feel better. She was rude, rushed, and didn’t seem to care about my well-being or my questions. We were ordered by my original neurologist to get a 2nd MRI. She refused to order the 2nd MRI.

It took some haggling (since when do I have to haggle for MY health?), but she agreed to do the 2nd MRI, and then send me home with no anti-seizure medication. That part, I get, if it’s not real epileptic seizures, then the medication won’t work. I had another seizure a few days after I got home, but the part that distressed me the most was my hair.

See, in a video-EEG, they glue the electrodes to your head, which means you spend days trying to get the glue out of your hair, and you lose so much hair in the process. I was freaking out, thinking I was going to need to cut off my long hair or worse. Luckily, one of my cousins is a hairstylist and recommended the bond glue remover that women use when they glue their hair extensions in and need to take them out. It worked! Of course, I’m still losing hair by the pound, but at least my hair feels normal again.

Well, my neurologist had ordered the 2nd MRI, because the first one wasn’t clear. But yesterday, those results posted onto the portal where your doctors can communicate and share test results with you, and it said otherwise. Some big words, confirmed by a second reading, indicative of Multiple Sclerosis.

I’m sorry, what? I thought it wasn’t clear? Where is this coming from? Did you order the 2nd MRI because you wanted to confirm? WHY AREN’T YOU TALKING TO ME?! Because the results were posted over the weekend, there was nothing I can do except wait until Monday. You can bet I’m going to be on the phone first thing Monday morning. I want answers. This is nowhere NEAR what I expected after all this. I realize it’s not the end of the world, but holy crap, I’m only 28!!!!

I’ll be better with the updates from here on out, it was just crazy the last week or so, because I also started my clinicals to get my CNA! I have five more days left of it, and then I take the state exam! I’m not letting anything or anyone get in my way.

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