Migraine solutions and doctors who don’t like them

If you’ve been following me for a while, and I know I’m awful at keeping up with this blog, you know I’m suffering a current level 10 migraine just over two months now. We’ve done infusions of Depakote, Magnesium, IV fluids, Morphine, Anti-nausea medicines, Benadryl, and DHE.

The DHE worked! I only had two infusions, one at the Emergency department when I couldn’t stand it anymore and needed relief. It cut it down to a five, it was so wonderful. I know, a five is wonderful! But it came back to a 10 the next day. Asked my doctor (neurologist) if we could do the DHE like the ED doctor, and she refused, because she said that it’s dangerous because it spikes your blood pressure. Finally got her to do another infusion yesterday, and it brought it up and down but finally settled at a 5 by the end of the day.

I was planning on day 2 of the DHE infusion today, but no. She won’t do another infusion. My blood pressure spiked too high, and she said with my heart conditions, it was too risky. So I left unsatisfied and upset. So my husband and I are looking at headache specialists. Not sure what to be looking for, so we’re researching the heck out of it. But that’s besides the point.

I know the risks of the procedure. I consented to it. The blood pressure always came back down at the end. I felt fine, and I know that’s relative because most of the time problems related to high BP are not felt but from the damage seen.

I realize she’s the neurologist, and a very excellent one, and she is the expert, so I have to concede to her. However, I don’t understand why if I’m being monitored, she is so adamant against it. Aren’t there lasting damages from a long-lasting migraine in some cases? Couldn’t this migraine be damaging my brain right now?

I’m tired of fighting for relief. I’m in a drugged state, it is so hard to do anything, even text people. All I want to do is sleep, and I just sit there in front of the TV, so zoned out that I don’t even know what’s on the screen.

I just want relief, and I hope I can get some if we find a headache specialist.

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