Monday Blues – April Fool’s!

I was going to do this whole elaborate post about a magic pill to lose weight as this awesome April Fool’s joke, but I couldn’t do it. I’m not much for the asshattery that can happen today, because people’s feelings can get hurt because jokes are taken too far. Some of you might have been cool with it, but we work so hard at our health, that to diminish it would be cruel. So with that said, be cautious today. Don’t believe everything you read or see today!

So I’ll talk about my frustrations. I work hard every day. I get on the bike and push myself past my limits. I eat well, no junk food and drinking lots of water. But the number on the scale won’t budge.

I’ve already lost 9 pounds so far, but I’ve seemed to have reach a plateau. How does one get over that plateau? Well, I’ve heard that you should switch up the cardio, because your body is used to it. But I don’t believe that. While it has gotten easier to force myself to keep pedaling, it’s not easy because I still push myself. I’ve also heard that you should switch it up by doing cardio one day and strengthening the next day.

Why strengthening? Well, if your muscles are working the way they’re supposed to, then your metabolism speeds up, and it supposedly helps you to lose weight faster. So I am going to add some weights to my daily routine and see what happens. Can’t hurt to try, especially if the end result is toned arms and a hard stomach.

Plus it may help to diminish my fear of getting hurt somehow, and unable to work out, and I lose all that hard work. So paranoid, right? But I’ve learned that I’m not alone in this fear. The dedication you put forth for your body is amazing, and it’s a lot of hard work. So if you get injured, all that goes out the window. Of course it depends on the type of injury, but mine would be that I mess up my leg or foot, and I can’t go on the bike. That’s what most injury fears seem to be, something that will mess up your daily routine.

Whew. It feels good to get all that out of me. Now I can focus on being positive instead of dwelling on all those negative thoughts. You should do the same in the comments below. Just let it out, and you’ll feel so much better!

Now I’m going to enjoy a glass of Chocolate Shakeology. Yum!

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